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Standards for Qualification

The Oakland Cup seeks to educate our competitors as well as the public. Our goal is ensuring only quality products reach our judges and that the playing field has met our standards. Products with any detectable pesticides, over the current state limit of residual solvents and over the allowed microbial will be disqualified from the competition. We are testing pesticides to the current accepted state limits. The testing protocols in California are in a constant state of change and we are working to keep as current as possible.

Submissions must be filled out with completed application.

  • Flower Entries require a three ounce submission.

  • All concentrate entries are required to submit 10 grams.  

  • All specialized categories will have specific requirements for entry listed on the application.


A fee of 420 dollars will be required with your submission. This will include lab testing for pesticide, insecticide, and any residual chemical additives. Since the passing of prop 64 the cost of lab testing as increased considerably. Each entry must be packaged separately & individually. Each individual product entry requires its own entry fee.  


STEP 1:  Complete online registration form.

STEP 2:  Print 2 copies -- one for you, and one for submitting. (upon submitting form a copy will be emailed to you) 

STEP 3:  Place entry product in paper grocery bag & staple close.

STEP 4:  Staple registration form to outside of bag.

STEP 5:  Drop off closed bag (with registration attached) and submit entry fee (cash or money order).  *Submit one fee for each entry.


Drop-off Location


4&20 Blackbirds Cannabis Cultural Center

2606 Mandela Parkway Oakland, California 94607


Drop-off Hours

Monday - Sunday  10am - 6pm