Oakland’s first cannabis competition that celebrates the best cannabis flowers, extracts, and infused products that the State of California has to offer. 

Oakland has been the epicenter of the cannabis trade for decades, bringing together the farmers of Northern California with the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts in the world.  We are at the dawn of a new cannabis industry, and The Oakland Cup 2018 may be the last time that the storied small-batch producers and family farmers of California will be able to compete against the new cannabis industry.

The Oakland Cup is a platform to discover, to highlight, and to celebrate the best in the cannabis world. 


All California farmed and produced samples welcome! 

To ensure that the best of the best are selected according to the highest standards, all submitted samples will be subject to rigorous lab testing.  

The Judges

Rick Pfrommer

Head Judge & International Cannabis Expert

Chip Moore

CEO 4&20 Blackbirds

Jason Rosenberg

Industry Specialist


Cannabis Community Organizer 

Maya Elisabeth
CEO Whoopi & Maya

Blair Auguste

Medicinal Cannabis Professional 

Kevin Jodrey
Cultivation Director at Wonderland Nursery

Erik Sinclair
Founder Stuff Stoners Like

Adolf Ward
Cannabis Activist

Frenchy Cannoli

Master Grower 

Ben Grambergu
Media & Logistics Specialist

Melodye Montgomery
Medical Marijuana Usage Consultant

Nick Bradley
GM Herb's Collective / Multi Cup Judge

Infini Terry

Nikki & Swami
Founders Swami Select

Ashleigh Castro

Photographer & Writer

Caroline Francese
Professional Cannabis Buyer & Multi Cup Judge

Trixie Garcia
Lifelong Cannaisseur

The Dank Duchess
Cannabis Cultivator, Hashmaker, and Writer




Unlike any previous cannabis cup The Oakland Cup is judging all flowers in the same category.

We strongly believe that all flowers should be judged on their own merits. We look forward to some interesting surprises!

Solventless Concentrates

Bring us your best full melt terpene rich deliciousness.

Cold water and it’s humble cousin kif are oft overlooked in these days of super shatters, diamonds and sauce.


Solvent Concentrates   

 Still the king of mountain, butane and to a lesser extent CO2 in all of their myriad forms, shatter, sauce, diamonds and their ilk continue to dominate the commercial marketplace. The last few years have seen numerous new forms and we look forward to judging them all!



Carts are currently one of the most popular forms of cannabis consumed today.

CO2 and butane will be judged separately. Although similar in appearance, the taste and many think the effects differ. For these reasons we are having two separate categories.



Also extremely popular, the range of edibles is vast. While we would love to judge hella edibles, the challenges of having baked goods for over a month before judging makes it so it will be hard to judge them. Baked goods may still be entered but people should consider the freshness issue.


Tinctures and Topicals

Popular among folks that want relief without smoking or with Topicals no psychoactivity the variety of these preparations has grown rapidly in the last few years, especially amongst the elderly.



CBD rich cannabis products have exploded into people’s consciousness with all of the media about how they provide relief without psychoactivity. Most products do however contain some quantity of THC as it has been found that the two act together more effectively than just CBD by itself.




Transcendent Pharms Gummi bears



 Little Green Bee CBD face serum



Marpe Cultivation’s Cookies ‘n Creme 



Inspired Extracts’ Ultra Dosi Lime Sauce



Cypher - Rise Sativa