The Oakland Cup Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oakland Cup

4&20 Blackbirds is excited to host the first annual Oakland Cannabis Cup. Northern California is the epicenter of the cannabis community, and has been the setting for many cannabis competitions over the years. Oakland, ground zero for many innovations in the cannabis industry, as well as for cannabis culture, has never had it’s own Cup. The team at 4&20 Blackbirds, comprised of industry vets with many decades of experience between them, is changing that. The Oakland Cup will be exclusive to California grown & produced cannabis product. The Oakland Cup will feature the best of previous events with a different focus. Attendance will be limited this first year, allowing participants to interact more closely with the judges, presenters and each other. Selected judges will be available for informal discussions about the Cup adjudication process. Other experts in their fields, from growers to extractors to edible manufacturers, will also have forums to discuss their craft with attendees. The small scale and depth of knowledge available will be unique to the Oakland Cup. 4&20 Blackbirds passionately supports not only artisan cannabis producers, but local art and artists as well, and their works will be an integral part of the event. Top graffiti artists and an impressive roster of East Bay musical talent will be on hand to complement the cannabis experience. Throw in some tasty food and the first annual Oakland Cup is an event any cannabis aficionado will not want to miss!

Where is the Oakland Cup Located?

When is the Oakland Cup

Winners will be announced June 30, 2018 on

Who can enter the Cup?

To secure a formal invitation, please fill out the registration form and we will contact you.

Who can attend?

Anyone 21+ with a reliable internet connection.

What are the categories?

Flowers (All inclusive, ie no difference between indoor, Sungrown and light dep) Solventless Concentrates Solvent Concentrates Cartridges Edibles Tinctures Topicals Specialized Prerolls CBD Flowers CBD Concentrates

Can I submit in more than one category?

Yes. As many categories as you would like. Each category has its own requirements. Each submission requires a submission fee. Get started

Can I submit multiple submissions in the same category?

Yes. As many submissions in each category as you would like. Each category has its own requirements. Each submission requires a submission fee.

Does my product require lab testing pre-submission?

No. The Oakland Cup, via our partner Steep Hill Labs, will test every submission.

When are submissions due?

May16, 2018

How/where do I submit?

Reveiw the the official submissions page for all entry details

Who are the judges?

The esteemed panel of judges will be the best of the best in the cannabis world. The judges’ slate will be headed up by the legendary Rick Pfrommer, founding member of Harborside and Berkeley Patients Group, and a fixture on the national and international cannabis cup circuit.

Why the Oakland Cup?

Oakland, California has been the epicenter for indoor cultivation, distribution, production and innovation in California Cannabis for generations. Northern California farmers would travel down from foothill family farms and mountain range large scale operations to broker their products to enthusiasts from all over the world. Now, as times change and legalization will begin to transform the culture and industry we have helped shepherd compliance and regulation. We are hoping to preserve Oakland’s place in history and to celebrate the legacy it has earned by being the tip of the cannabis spear.

Why now?

In California’s first year of recreational legalization, the cannabis industry is undergoing a historic transition from underground and semi-regulated to fully regulated. As the July 1, 2018 full regulatory compliance date looms ahead, The Oakland Cup seeks to celebrate all of our California artisan growers and manufacturers, regardless of where they are in the permitting process. experience maximum participation and outreach to potential participants who would like to make a submission, but who may have not might met regulations of compliance with the State of California will still be able to participate.

Why does it cost so much to enter?

The bulk of the entrance fee goes to pay for lab testing. With the advent of legalization and required testing, the prices of those tests have doubled. At the culmination of The Oakland Cup, all entrants will receive their lab results. Planning to lab test your product? Why not kill two birds with one stone and enter to win The Oakland Cup while you’re at it?!

Why should I enter the Oakland Cup?

The panel of judges assembled pulls from the best of the best of the cannabis expertise concentrated in the Bay Area. High marks from these judges ensure industry recognition and bragging rights. Anyone winning at The Oakland Cup can be assured that their product is among the best on the market.